Insights from impact advisors & consultants 2017

This report highlights different approaches, perspectives, and business models of impact advisors and consultants, demonstrates the growing range of innovative impact products and services, and explores trends, challenges and successes faced by practitioners. It intends to inspire asset owners and managers as they embark on their own journey into impact.   Please find full report[…]

Future State of the Investment Profession

The investment management industry is facing significant disruptive forces, internally and externally. Shifting regulatory environments and new macroeconomic conditions in addition to current trends in digitization and commoditization and new tech-centric business models will necessitate changes in the industry. The Future State of the Investment Profession study explores what these changes might look like and[…]

Case Study: Global Partners’ Investment Fund

This case study focuses on the evolution of GP’s debt funds, from the first investment fund launched in 2005 (MFF ’05) to the sixth fund, the Social Investment Fund 6.0 (SIF 6.0) launched in 2015. Each fund shares a similar purpose and structure, and aims to leverage philanthropic capital to attract private and development finance[…]

Impact Investing: Who Are We Serving?

This report from Oxfam and Sumerian Partners questions some of the assumptions around impact investment and highlights the experience of enterprises contributing to poverty reduction so that they might be better served by the field. It argues that the sector risks being discredited due to rising, unrealistic expectations about financial returns. Please read full report[…]