September 4, 2016

For Organizations

peopleWe work with individuals, impact investors, universities and corporates to increase the talent pipeline for the impact investing sector.

Impact Investors

We know how hard and time consuming it is to find great talent in the impact investing sector. We’re here to bridge the gaps for talent and help them work within your organization, in both short-term and permanent roles.

We will work with you to fulfill your talent needs, including:

  • Advertising job opportunities on our site
  • Providing teams or individuals on a short-term, on-demand basis to work on defined projects e.g. due diligence
  • Providing access to talent willing to support you by working remotely
  • End-to-end management of your Fellowship / Internship Programs- from candidate sourcing to ongoing mentoring during the engagement


Developing and retaining world class talent is top of mind for many corporates. Organisations are now rethinking their talent strategies at all stages of the employee lifecycle. New, innovative programs including learning and development initiatives and secondment opportunities are required to attract and retain talent. We’re now moving towards an open talent economy allowing the unrestricted flow of people – access to talent is more important than ownership of talent.

We will work with you to fulfill your talent strategy needs, including:

  • End-to-end management of your Secondment Programs/Open Economy Platform, from talent skills diagnostics for employees, to identification of appropriate secondment opportunities, co-ordination of contractual arrangements, on-going talent assessments
  • Secondment competency modeling: Developing competency models to help enable execution of performance management plans and support learning and development for individuals engaged on secondments


Impact Investing is one of the fastest growing sectors and is reflected in the rapidly changing MBA and Master level education curriculum.  As the sector is evolving, it can be challenging to direct students in an efficient way to opportunities in the sector.  We work with university systems to bolster their existing impact investing curriculum and training for students by providing:

  • Career in Impact Investing sessions which will help students better understand the career landscape in the sector
  • Impact Investing sector primers which provide a deep dive into the sector in a condensed format
  • One on One coaching for students on CV, interview, and career search preparation


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