How Impact Investing Can Reach the Mainstream

McKinsey: In this article, McKinsey analyses the current impact investing market and how asset managers, investors, governments and entrepreneurs can grow the impact investing sector. Clear measurement standards, high-grade operations, specialized products, and more training for entrepreneurs can make impact investing a more influential practice. Read the full article here.

From the Margins to the Mainstream: Assessment of the Impact Investment Sector and Opportunities to Engage Mainstream Investors

World Economic Forum: Investors have great influence over the social, environmental and economic challenges of societies, yet operate within a market infrastructure and investment ecosystem where the incentives do not generally balance social, environmental and economic impact. Impact investing – an investment approach intentionally seeking to create both financial return and positive social impact that[…]

Understanding the World of Impact Investing

Cambridge Associates: Tom Mitchell, Managing Director at Cambridge Associates in Arlington, outlines the practitioner’s perspective around the growing interest of impact investing, a field that is rapidly evolving with an infusion of new ideas and participants, as seen in the Committee Report: Investments in Trust & Estates. “In a world facing challenges related to a changing climate and stark[…]